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‘​RiskCube ​’, an advanced suite of Risk Management technology products for the Banking and Financial Services Industry which offers a comprehensive Risk Data Model and Data Mart knitting together a set of advanced state-of-the art products for Basel II/Basel III​,​ Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational risk, Capital Management, Asset Liability Management, Liquidity Management, ​P​ortfolio ​D​ashboard, comprehensive Regulatory Reporting, Capital Budgeting and Planning, Credit Risk Modeling, Model ​Validation, and an organization wide stress testing platform. These products can be used stand-alone or integrated with each other.

Emergence of Risk Management as a strategic function in the financial services industry has led to a series of business and regulatory transformations in key global financial markets. Avati and its promoters Ms. Dipti Raman and Mr. Jignesh Kamdar have done extensive work in the area of risk management in this last decade of change. They have worked on developing models, solutions and technology products in the domain as well as providing consulting and advisory services to large and complex banks.

The ODA-Avati team has extensive experience serving some of the largest global financial institutions across US, Europe, Middle East and Asia. They have managed major risk implementation programs in the areas of Basel II compliance and related regulatory reporting, Credit Risk Rating Models and Scorecards, Asset Liability and Liquidity Management, Portfolio Management and Optimization ​and​ ICAAP/ Pillar II.

A key differentiator of the RiskCube offering lies in the ODA-Avati team’s expert understanding of risk management domain coupled with a strong technology platform creating a unique synergy which enables them to deliver practically any complex risk management solution to their clients with an accelerated project execution cycle.

Unlike most product vendors, they are able to address and resolve business and domain related issues including business process modifications through their deep knowledge of risk management, sound understanding of practical banking problems and application of appropriate technology.

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