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ODA's Year End Communication & Seasons Greetings

ODA wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Below is a message from our CEO’s desk. Also attached are the highlights for your reference.





Another Year '2015' in the making of ODA is towards its completion, giving way to 2016 and many more years to cherish, learn, build and re-build the company around experiences and leanings of past years.

During the reflection, we undertook our FABO to funnel our key priorities to reprioritizing them to attain service satisfaction of our clients being acknowledged as niche and best in class. The entire leadership team - Chakradhar, Rajiv, Ripu, Sandeep, Gagan, Amit, Jatin and Sean - my partners in the making of our business were trying to identify the sentiment of the year 2015 and wanted to call it a successful year; however, could not coin the right definition of 'success' as realized that @ODA many more miles still to go. 

We gave more than money, the energy, the commitment, time, vision, encouragement and experience to the organization. The benefit that created talents, deliveries, belongings, hope, humor, compliments, criticism and lessons. We still may not have been satisfied though kissing nearly 28% revenue growth this year; nonetheless  created the path with our teams towards solid foundation, service level to the satisfaction of our clients and repeatable success, never ending commitment, and above all lifelong relationships both at professional and personal levels. 

During the year 2015, the business  took me to many places, I spent most of the times in flights  to convince our clients the availability of best talent at ODA and found blessed that they were appreciative of our processes and teams; the teams were working round the clock at back end and were busy shaping up ODA. All my staff at ODA gave me immense confidence and belief that 'we can be one of the best niche level players for many global buyers'.

These travels, time zones and jet lags gave me a lot of time to reflect upon and read. I read a wonderful book by Peggy Noonan and it left a mark on my mind forever. She says, ''We live not only our own lives but, whether we know it or not, also the life of our time." I believe with her that we are a part of the era in which we live; we must fully see this and pitch in. 

Dear Friends, this lead me to think more deeply and differently about ODA and I ended up asking myself and our leadership team what era ODA belongs to? And the unanimous answer came both from head and heart that this company and all of us   belong to the era of relentless good work, Agility, Trust, Top- class service levels, Excellence and Resilience. ODA has a voice of commitment, a style which will make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of our end users i.e. our esteemed clients. Each day of the year at ODA is to capture the essence of good work which is destined to bring a revolution and the feel of business and culture from Zurich, NYC, Singapore, Gurgaon, Pune, Melbourne and Manila. 

It’s the time for ODA to create a dramatic time in the IT industry where big fours and rest of the competition watch us with open eyes and still say 'Awesome'.

With these words and aspirations, I wish all of you an era of energy, happiness and growth.  I not only invite my teams but equally accept the challenge to build a unique ODA with modern essence of competition where quality wins over quantity, where niche work takes the essence of unfathomable heights, where top line and bottom line are not created as only objectives but where top class services and scientific though nimble attitude brings 'success'. 



Warm Regards,

Ashu Chadha


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