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ODA’s Pune Office Inauguration

It has been a great privilege to welcome our honorable CEO, Mrs Ashudeep Chadha on the Inauguration of ODA new office in Pune, Kharadi. The presence of key members like Mr.Ripu Bhardwaj, Mr.Jagadishwaran Iyer , Mr.Amit Chawla, Mr.Vaibhav Bajaj, Ms.Shraddha Purohit, Mr.Prateek Bawa , Ms. Meetu Sharma added to the glory of ODA foundation.

The presence here underscores the unique place , with magnificent beginning of the year 2016.

We look forward to work with the talented and dedicated group of individuals who are rich in vitality and promise.

We are confident that ODA will be a source of pride & will inculcate the ethical leaders to keep giving their best. We sincerely hope that ODA has memorable success stories now and in the years to come, as a powerful vindication of valuable support from each one of us.

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