The demand for increased platform standardization for derivatives is on a constant high within the finance sector. As a consequence, business leaders and entrepreneurs seek to offer structured and bespoke transaction support to the clients. On Demand Agility leaves no stone unturned to help businesses uncover opportunities and offers effective solutions to accomplish targeted financial goals and objectives within limited time frames. We provide connectivity and STP.

The way we integrate these competing trends

  • ODA houses a professional Derivatives Solutions Group. The experts in the team share their expertise to design and implement sophisticated strategies for managing derivatives and innovating business processes. With a mission to provide complete technology solutions to implement pragmatic decisions that identify highest -value opportunities of its clients, ODA is committed to design efficient systems for streamlining trading and trade management. Some of the ODA experts were founding sponsors of FPML.
  • On Demand Agility has established a strong presence in the derivatives marketplace. With an unmatched experience and a remarkable history of delivering appropriate and effective solutions, the company is now acknowledged as an excellent consulting firm.

Our holistic range of services has enabled fully automated derivatives trading processes in leading global firms. Our services cater to the complete trading and management lifecycle, these include:

  • Pricing

  • Transaction management

  • Valuation

  • Reporting

Our client-centric approach assures secure and sustainable results. Our expertise lies in developing comprehensive trading solutions for:

  • Trading and Hedging
  • Static Data
  • Risk and Reporting
  • Operations (Confirms, Limits, etc.)

As a part of providing wholesale financial assistance, we also manage various risk management products such as:

  • Equity Derivatives
  • Fixed Income Derivatives
  • Credit Default Swaps
  • Bonds and Convertibles
  • CDOs, tranches and exotics

Our services aim at creation of new products and design strategic business models to increase volumes:

  • Holistic Transaction Management System for CDS
  • Models and Tools for Structuring
  • Keeping and hedging multi-asset class position
  • Connectivity to Exchanges

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