Risk Management

In today's challenging global economic scenario, numerous insecurities prevail across commercial organizations. This gives rise to varied risks that include process risks, environment risks and even risks involved in making relevant business decisions. ODA provides robust high-capacity solutions strategically designed to provide an enterprise-wide view on risk management and emphasizing on enhancing shareholder value and increasing revenues.

On Demand Agility strives to offer multi-asset Risk Management tools and methodologies helping several businesses grow further by gaining increased returns and avoiding any sort of business disruption.

Our services are spread out globally, especially to Tier 1 securities firms. We monitor and amalgamate risk exposures across all portfolios and asset classes:

  • Mortgages

  • Interest rate instruments

Portfolios and Asset Classes

  • High-yield instruments

  • Structured products


ODA's enterprise Risk management solutions enable you to analyze and monitor risks rooted in your positions and consequently strive towards eliminating them through our unmatched services, experience and expertise that include:

  • Controlled Bucket Descriptions
  • Flexible risk bucketing capabilities
  • Monitoring risks at any level in the organizational hierarchy
  • Multi-dimensional bucketing managed via tree-grids
  • Two-dimensional grids
  • Comprehensive analysis of risks across products

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