Agile Commerce

The exchange of products and services with consumers or companies is changing rapidly as customers adopt new ways to do business. To be successful, companies need to transform commerce through a unified approach to marketing, selling and fulfillment processes across all available channels. As much as the web offers an endless realm of possibilities for the ambitious business, it is also fiercely competitive. One of the most compelling factors in the success of an eCommerce business is a robust platform that is scalable and can handle sudden surges in traffic, while offering a delightful end user experience.

Our highly specialized team does not just stop at the production of a working eCommerce application, but also goes one step ahead to supplement the same with performance enhancing techniques that are capable of evolving with the industry. These techniques are applicable at all levels of the eCommerce system, fine tuning its performance to deliver desired results.

IBM® WebSphere® Commerce Enterprise, used by top enterprises, is an industry-leading e-commerce solution used by us. Your customers can do business with you from any place, at any time and in whatever way they please. Our multichannel retailing enabled @gile Commerce solution provides a seamless, personalized user experience whether the customer shops on the Web, in the store, over the phone, using a mobile device or all of the above. This not only helps your business in providing better user experience but increased revenues too.

IBM® WebSphere® provides a next-generation solution designed to address a company's e-commerce needs and helps companies of all sizes enable their customers to do business on demand.

  • Single instance of software and infrastructure will support website for all business models.
  • Rich, smooth and satisfying user experience delivered at all the interaction points.
  • Role based user model for business users to manage and maintain sales related things.
  • Provides components and tools for catalog and content management, member management, contracts and entitlements, negotiations, order management etc out of the box.
  • Integration capability to integrate seamlessly with outside systems, channels etc.
  • eCommerce solution and services based on IBM WebSphere Commerce Enterprise with an agile approach
  • On Demand solutions apart from the Out of the Box features as per business needs and requirements
  • On Time In Budget delivery
  • Our success is in increased profits of the clients

ODA's spectrum of @gile Commerce solutions is inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • Providing optimized search possibilities

  • Efficient parallel processing servers

  • Effective database synchronization

  • User-friendly shopping carts

  • Sophisticated payment gateways and options

  • Seamless integration of third party identity management products

  • Providing clean, clutter-free, user-friendly page layouts

Why should you opt for our @gile Commerce solutions?

  • For access to a professional team of experts adept at developing and implementing techniques that ensure dynamic interfaces and minimize downtime.
  • For a robust back-end supplier system that improves efficiencies.
  • For a scalable eCommerce system capable of handling an ever-rising number of hits, items, orders and archived MIS without any degradation of performance.
  • For access to sophisticated pattern recognition techniques offering correlations between demographics, time and price as well as insight into customer preferences.

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