Health Care

The healthcare sector is perhaps the most critical domain to facilitate, since it deals directly with human life, making immaculate operation a necessity. The significant gap between ‘required’ and ‘actual’ healthcare infrastructure has driven significant investment into assets like hospitals and other facilities over the years. In turn, the growing availability and affordability of healthcare is spurring demand for other services like diagnostics, pharmacies, equipment etc.

The challenges faced by the healthcare industry on its way up are optimal utilization of resources, maximizing performance and efficiency, scaling of business, minimizing operational costs, rapidly evolving technology and globalization of healthcare delivery quality and standards.

On Demand Agility is capable of providing competent solutions to augment organizations operating in the Life Sciences sector, including Health Care Providers, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Device Firms as well as Biotechnology and Clinical Research organizations.

We offer the following technological value additions to clients engaged in Healthcare services:

  • Making data readily available to both, internal as well as external agencies, while ensuring that the format is in compliance with the security regulations of HIPAA.

  • Provisioning for the convenience of data tracking at various levels including research, patient, manufacturing and executive to enable timely decisions based upon robust premises, without increasing complexity or adding business processes.

  • Creating or integrating new applications in compliance with the regulatory environment, in order to maintain high quality standards.

  • Providing a motivated team of qualified professionals, ready to materialize visions with sound technical knowledge as well as a deep understanding of industry best practices.

  • Being a reliable technology partner with a track record of sophisticated service and a high success rate to facilitate and implement strategic plans in accordance with the organization's objectives.

  • Providing adequate support as well as transfer of domain knowledge when necessary to facilitate smooth operation of processes and technologies.

At ODA, we aim to assist you in the delivery of better health care services. For this, we endeavor to manage your data needs in a manner that you have ready access to patient's holistic health records, along with access to the entire spectrum of records in a clinical process across functional as well as treatment areas. Our solutions across various functional areas such as Clinical Operation, Care Delivery, Finance, Resource Planning, Supply Chain and Revenue Cycle are inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • 'Flow Model' clinical care processes
  • Patient administration and medical records
  • Six Sigma analysis - Flow and Medical errors
  • Quality/safety regulatory compliance with NCQA, HIPAA, Hedis, DRG, JCAHO, etc.
  • Evidence-based medicine/survivability
  • Condition, diagnosis and treatment analysis
  • Prevention, care and aftercare planning
  • Treatment and prescription order tracking
  • Clinical outcome analysis
  • Physician profiling
  • Planning, budget and forecasting
  • Actuals or budget analysis by department
  • Revenue/cost analysis per patient/room
  • IFRS/GAAP compliance reporting
  • Staff retirement/shortage planning
  • Testing/equipment scheduling
  • Clinician shift scheduling and planning
  • Needs analysis, trending and benchmarking
  • Demand planning
  • Inventory and care unit availability
  • Logistics and fulfillment analysis
  • Supplier quality and performance analysis
  • Contract management and billing
  • A/R/Payment collections
  • Claims administration management
  • Audit and fraud detection - DRG/Pay-for-performance reporting

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