Retail and Consumer Product companies operate in environments that are highly dynamic, offering new opportunities and challenges. This can be attributed to dramatic shifts in the buying behavior, growing urbanization, emergence of the service sector, changing trends/lifestyle, and most importantly, the increasing power of the retailer as a key link between a buyer and seller.

Food security and safety, rural penetration, growth, margins, managing customized consumer expectations, effective e-commerce and lack of effective supply chain are some of the key challenges faced by the consumer markets industry

Equipped with extensive industry, technology and delivery capabilities, ODA works with you to provide solutions and services that address strategic and operational challenges, optimize business performance, align technology with business priorities, reduce cost, improve margins and constantly sharpen competitive advantage to bring about radical changes and value add to your business. We provide a rich set of WCS Retail Capabilities as below:

  • Starter Stores

  • B2B e-Commerce

  • B2C e-Commerce

  • Marketing & Merchandising

  • Microsites & Subsites

  • Mobile Commerce

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Digital Analytics

  • Social Commerce

  • Starter Stores:
    Achieve faster time-to-market and simplify your web or mobile store creation. Customizing store front as per business need for example customizing product display page, search functionality, home page, category landing page etc.

  • B2B e-Commerce:
    Make it easier for partners, customers and resellers to do business with you. Use and customization of different starter stores like Elite starter store, Extended sites starter store.

  • B2C e-Commerce:
    Provide consistent shopping experiences across channels. Use and customization of different starter stores like Aurora starter store, Madisons starter store, Consumer direct starter store.

  • Marketing & Merchandising
    Deliver personalized and relevant offers and promotions across channels

  • Microsites & Subsites:
    Create numerous unique sites to serve different brands, regions or business models

  • Mobile Commerce:
    Extend the shopping experience across mobile devices and smartphones

  • Order Fulfillment:
    Improve customer service through greater inventory visibility and order status. Providing integration with sterling OMS

  • Digital Analytics:
    Gain insight into how customers are interacting with your brand across multiple channels. Integrating application with analytic framework like coremetrics, google analytics etc

  • Social Commerce
    Extend the brand experience beyond your site and across social networks. for example integrating application with social media sites like facebook, twitter etc.

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