There have been rapid developments and transformations in global banking and financial services industry in the last decade, led by sweeping market events, regulatory initiatives and changing public perception about the industry. As much as emphasis has been on changing market needs, business opportunities and development, risk management in financial institutions has emerged as one amongst the most critical functions in the domain. The emergence and growing importance of risk management in strategic decision making process is now indisputable.

Emergence of Risk Management as a key function as led to a series of regulatory and compliance changes in all key financial markets. We at ODA and Avati have lived and worked through these changing times.

Key developments such as Basel II and III, Liquidity Management, Market Risk, Capital Assessment Plans and emergence of insightful quantitative finance has triggered a need for large scale transformation programs instead of a project based approach.

We, at ODA and Avati, have lived through this transformation and are excited to bring a suite of risk management products and related value based services to the market to comprehensively cater to the complex risk management needs of various financial institutions in general and Banking industry in particular. Our suite of Risk Management products cater to most areas of risk management like credit, market, operational risk, capital assessment and portfolio management, asset liability and liquidity management, stress testing, risk models development and validations and a host of other offering areas.

With their complimentary core competencies, ODA and Avati bring a synergistic and compelling value proposition to cater to various needs of BFSI segment. Our offerings make extensive use of our customizing proprietary frameworks and solutions to address and resolve client specific issues through superior demonstrated program management skills with special emphasis on people, culture and change management and lead the bank efficiently and swiftly towards its desired risk evolution.

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