Optimizing your processes

At On Demand Agility, it is our aim to help our clients achieve excellence in their core competencies by supporting them with robust end-to-end solutions for repeatable processes. With a reliable outsourcing partner, your resources can focus wholly on realizing core business objectives, thereby achieving consistent results and positioning your enterprise as a vertical leader.

It is all about optimizing your business processes while simplifying them and addressing operational issues like accuracy, efficiency, repeatability, or governance. A dependable and reliable partner can get you there – a partner who has embraced the industry best-in-class processes required to deliver such secure outsourcing services.


Why ODA?
We go beyond SLA's in our approach to process outsourcing. With meticulous planning, use of state-of-the-art technology and support from a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, we ensure that our outsourcing partners always stay ahead of their competition. We not only take the time to understand your business process requirements, but also deliver maximum value by leveraging our knowledge of industry best practices and innovative solutions. Our expertise lies in:


BPO/KPO Solutions offered by ODA

Upholding global quality standards, we deliver timely outsourcing solutions that are aimed at handling challenges in the following core operations:

  • Data Input and Processing
  • Production System Support
  • Structure for Marketing Support and Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management
We also specialize in delivering time and cost effective solutions in areas of financial research and analysis, performance management and reporting as well as reconciliation. Our solutions are aimed at assisting you to reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance productivity, while creating a positive, quantifiable impact on the bottom-line.
Case Studies
Client Contact Information Management

To consistently beat the competition, the market leaders utilize systems that integrate all aspects of their client information reporting to deliver insight to decision makers.

This case study presents our experience in providing a solution to one of the world's largest financial services companies by implementing a 'merger and integration' of the Customer Information data that existed in two different contact management systems and supported two different sets of business processes...

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