Case Studies

In the social sciences and life sciences, a case study (or case report) is a descriptive, exploratory or explanatory analysis of a person, group or event. An explanatory case study is used to explore causation in order to find underlying principles.Case studies may be prospective (in which criteria are established and cases fitting the criteria are included as they become available) or retrospective (in which criteria are established for selecting cases from historical records for inclusion in the study)

Management Consulting
Re - engineering puzzle pieces fall into place with ODA 's Business Analysis

When a global investment banker envisioned user entitlement and audit control features to upgrade and integrate a credit derivatives application, ODA paved the way for a smooth development experience ensuring total success in the translation of business requirements into comprehensive deliverables ...

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Technology Consulting
Software Consultancy for Business Process

A leading US insurance company with global presence, one of ODA's existing clients, which has had several projects developed by ODA, with some more still under development, as an extension of its trust approaches ODA to provide them consultancy for an unsuccessful project development, by a third party, for automating the client's processes. OD A was e ngaged as a consultant for this multi - million project to conduct analysis of various requirements documents for the project, to de - duplicate a...

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Business Process Assurance
Online Insurance Application System (QA Testing)

A leading US - based financial services company was developing a web - based application that was going to enable customers to apply online for life insurance using a conventional web browser. Once implemented, the entire process of application would be comple ted online with minimal or no manual intervention. As the development phase was going on, the client wanted to outsource the QA testing of the application to a suitable partner that had relevant experience in testing mission - critical,...

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Client Contact Information Management

To consistently beat the competition, the market leaders utilize systems that integrate all aspects of their client information reporting to deliver insight to decision makers. This case study presents our experience in providing a solution to one of the world's largest financial services companies by implementing a 'merger and integration' of the Customer Information data that existed in two different contact management systems and supported two different sets of business processes running o...

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